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AIRT Academy of Infrared Training Inc is an independent, global educational institute dedicated to providing the highest standard of infrared thermography certification training.

The clear leader in "WorldWide" infrared training...


When you're ready to reach for the top, to be at your very best, it's time for the "ACADEMY". Expertise is just the beginning. With spectacular locations around the world, get more than just a learning experience, get a whole new lifestyle.

Learn new and exciting ways to improve your infrared camera training and program to save time, effort and money. Receive advice from professionals on equipment operation, temperature measurement, emissivity calculations and measurement, report design and layout, taking quality thermograms, image evaluation, what to do and what not to do... Everything you need to start, update or upgrade your infrared program. In our intensive courses you'll learn things that you couldn't pick-up with years of on the job experience.

"This course enlightened me... even after managing a global maintenance organization for the US DoD for more than 10 years, responsible for infrared inspections, we were missing the boat when it came to providing accurate qualitative and quantitative reports. I wish I could go back in time and start afresh with the Academy Of Infrared Training Inc to certify all my old organizations."
                                                              R.H. - Ford Engineering

As a special bonus, you will take away with you an excellent manual, reference materials and hand-outs that you will come to rely on for years to come. This course is an excellent opportunity to discover new approaches and confirm current ones. Whether you have years of experience or are new to the field, you'll come away with practical ideas you can put to use immediately with your infrared thermography certification.

AIRT is an infrared camera training provider with extensive field experience. The instructors have been active in the field of thermography since the the late 1970's. A "hands-on" approach is directed at producing field-ready thermographers. Attend one of these regularly scheduled courses in a number of locations around the world or take advantage of the special on-site services at your location.

phone: 1-888-673-4743 or +1-360-676-1915

                                                                   email: AIRT@infraredtraining.NET